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My smile is not just only a part of my ensemble, it’s part of my daily life.

I love smiling because it is indeed contagious. I can even count on more than half of my smiles being returned. It is a powerful life lift when practiced daily and frequently. We are all mindful about the importance of smiling each day. Of course, smile can have a positive impact on a person’s mood. In tests, those who smile often are much more likely to feel positive and content with their lives. The good news is, people who smile appear more youthful. The muscles we use to smile lift our faces–no need for a face-lift, just smile more! Even amidst the pandemic, it is important to find reasons to smile and laugh. Spread more happiness to the world, share your smile to everyone.

Today, I would like to share with you my latest dental clinic discovery. The dentists behind my pearly white teeth who made my smile more attractive and healthier. Meet Dr. Kino Konstantin Resabal and Dr. Jeremay P. Sta. Maria- Resabal from Resabal Dental Clinic.

Here are some important details you may find useful when you consider visiting them. 

Tell us about Resabal Dental Clinic:

Resabal Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Kino Konstantin Resabal and Dr. Jeremay P. Sta. Maria- Resabal in 2017. They are both graduates from the University of the East Manila.

*Note: a change in marital status of Dr. Jeramay has been updated as of October 19, 2020

Dr. Kino has a Master’s degree in Dentistry major in Orthodontics and a Professor in Centro Escolar University, Graduate school of Dentistry while Dr. Jeremay is a hospital trained Pediatric Specialist from Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Also, they are both specialized in Esthetic Dentistry. Our Dental clinic is a family practice that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide compassionate quality care for all patients. We offer all kinds of services in the field of Dentistry to kids and adults including patients with special needs. Our Dental clinic is a family practice that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide compassionate quality care for all patients. We offer all kinds of services in the field of Dentistry to kids and adults including patients with special needs.

Is it safe to visit the dentist/ your clinic amid the covid -19 pandemic?  How can we visit you safely during this time of pandemic? Tell us your dental practice safety guidance.

Yes, before we reopened our clinic after the lock down, we attended several webinars discussing about the Safety Protocols. We made sure that we are fully equipped with barriers, air purifiers, exhaust fans, PPEs and other cleaning agents for the safety of our patients as well as our team. Our clinic is located in a medical facility which has a strict guidelines before entering the vicinity wherein everyone will be screened.
Before entering our clinic, the patient will be answering a covid-19 screening questionnaire. The patient will be asked to step on a foot bath, temperature will be checked and shoe covers will be provided. During the procedure, the patient will be wearing a head cap, drape and bib. Intra oral suctioning will also be done for aerosol generating procedures. We sanitize every after each patient and we only cater a few patients per day. Actually, nothing much changed since we have been practicing these protocols even before the pandemic, only few equipment, PPEs and barriers were added. That is also our main reason why do not charge for any PPE fee. That’s the least we can do to help in times like this and we are all in this together because this too shall pass.

How would you cope with an environment where patients are often afraid or in pain? Discuss the approach you take with patients, the strategies you use to comfort and calm them down?

We designed our clinic in such a way that the moment our patients enter the clinic, they will feel at home. Gone are the days when pain and fear comes after the word “tooth” or “dentist”. We are now modernized and innovative. Also, we are here to relieve you from pain and not give you pain.
In Pediatric Dentistry, we have different behavioral management methods wherein an affirmative relationship between the patient and the dentist is built. For extreme cases, like patients with medical conditions and special needs, we also perform procedures under General and Conscious Sedation with our Anesthesiologists.

Since you have a modern and state-of-the art dental clinic that provides multi-specialty services to patients, and your clinic is situated in the central business district, do patients expect expensive quotes/prices for your services? 

Resabal Dental Clinic is located at Unit 1111 Centuria Medical Makati, Kalayaan Cor. Salamanca Salamanca St. Brgy. Poblacion Makati City
Thank you for making my teeth whiter and healthier.

Inquiry is the key! We help our patients by walking them through on what needs to be done after addressing to their chief complaint. We are offering Ideal and Alternative Treatment Plan that is within their budget. Ideal treatment, overall, is the best approach and choice of material to deal with the patient’s chief complaint. While Alternative treatment is the second best, it is less expensive and more affordable without compromising the quality of our services. We always believe that Dental Treatment is not expensive, neglect is.

What would you say is your dental philosophy? What is your philosophy on how oral health relates to overall body health? And lastly, tell us the Vision and Mission of Resabal dental Clinic. 

There is a saying that the eyes are the window to your soul, for us, the mouth is the mirror to your health. More than having a good and better smile for vanity, keeping its function and prevention of oral diseases are our top priority. As what most people say, “sumakit na ang lahat, Doc, wag lang ang ngipin.”


  • to render service with honor, integrity and compassion. 
  • to promote awareness of the importance of Oral Health to the community.
  • to provide meticulous and uncompromising service in a friendly environment for the whole family where you will always feel safe and comfortable. 

“To build a happy home and community that is full of healthy and confident smiles so we can paint the world with laughter.”

Our focus is on those we serve, as we attend to the needs of our patients we can be a family together along the way.

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