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Posted by Heidi Uy

Hi my dear friends, Hello August!

I have a question to all of you. How do you inspire good deeds or kindness? How do you care for people around you? I have noticed that sometimes people just need a nudge to get out in the community and do good or care.

In today’s world, the resourcefulness of social media platforms extends into providing social help, connecting people, providing a globally interconnected help to persons in need, and providing essential comfort to those in distress. Our Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Blog sites are all associated with the sharing of information that is otherwise regarded as inspirational to the rest of the society. We always have a great stories to share, videos of tours and experiences, heart-wrenching pictures of those who need help, and other content meant to inspire. It also includes personal testimonies which have gone a long way to make other persons feel positively impacted and influenced.

Our Christian practice has reminded us that “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. So where do you draw the line when you want to be a voice or  you want to be a silent giver? Remember that God is a searcher of mind and heart . He knows your intentions. So if your intention is pure, then don’t let your success stories go wasted either. Let your audience know how you have been making a difference and telling stories is one of the best ways to do this.

So let me share with you a little story how I came up with HU Cares. While doing this article, I am clueless about what title to give, I gave it overnight to find the right name. Then one night on my bed when I was praying, I included the healing of the world and of course special mention- our beloved nation. Ohhh, yes you read it right!!! With what is happening now, one of the best ways to help our country is to pray for it. I said in my prayer, I care for our country, for our people. Help us Lord. Help us! 🙏🏻
This when the Holy Spirt came down. Suddenly, I came up with HU Cares 💞
This can be read and interpreted in two ways:

1 HU Cares means  Heidi Uy Cares. I simply care!

2. HU Cares can be read as “Who” Cares?
-It’s a relevant question to society (or to someone) about who really cares and if you are taking action towards a certain situation.

-Who cares? is also one of my personality traits which means, petty things do not worry or upset me because it is not important. I am not bothered at all. That is very me!

So before publishing this article, I told my husband and son about my new advocacy “ HU Cares” and both of them said – Oh wow, it’s a wonderful name.  That’s witty and funny. 😍

For some reason I always enjoy helping in my own little way. We have been giving little assistance to some families who are disadvantaged. So today, it’s a different way, we send 100 food packs to our Philippine General Hospital (PGH) frontliners. Thanks to my Doctor BFF and Sister in Christ, Rochelle  Dorado who gave me the contact person to PGH. We also support small business by ordering food from Dominic Cuisine. They have wide array of good food and the service is awesome. It was a smooth transaction with them.

For this month, HU Cares for PGH Frontliners: 

photos from Dominic Cuisine

Make someone happy, help in every way or whatever way you can. Life is a participation. Let us do our part. May we become a loving presence to others while we are still alive.


By the way, today is the Memorial of St. John Vianney – the patron saint of parish priests. Here’s a few quotes from him.

“It is always springtime in the heart that loves God.”

“Do not try to please everybody. Try to please God, the angels and the saints – they are your public.”

Stay healthy and be safe everyone!



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