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My road to fitness with CURVES

Posted by Heidi Uy

Hi friends, hope your first half year is doing great!

Today, I am excited to share with you my road to fitness with CURVES. My half year fitness update.

To be frank, it isn’t easy as 1-2-3. It’s been six months already and as the fitness cliche’ goes “struggle is real”!

I have experienced some scenarios. I used to yo-yo diet for years, and I would cycle through super healthy or restrictive eating plans one week, to eat-whatever-I-like the next week.

I have ever guiltily reached for second helpings of a tempting dish or dessert while justifying it with something along the lines of, “It’s okay, I’m going on a diet after this”.

I was hard on myself when I don’t feel comfortable in clothes I want to wear and suddenly regret all the unhealthy food choices I made the past few months.

I was always fighting to be on a particular weight or to look a certain way (i.e., my pre-mommy weight/look).

My eating habits were inconsistent, and so were my weight, my energy levels, and the way I felt about my body.

Getting fit is also on top of my mind and I have to lay the cards during my first fitness assessment with Coach Vin at Curves Eastwood.

Here’s a picture of mine together with Coach Vin taken last January 8 at Curves Eastwood doing my first fitness assessment.
with Coach Bea of Curves Century City Mall Makati. Photo taken January 27, 2018.

Look friends, the fact is, I am getting older. I no longer lose weight as easily as I did when I was younger.

Photo taken February 1, 2018

Yes, I must admit that my road to fitness is not that easy, but with the help of Curves, I am finally getting the results I expect and chances are, I will definitely continue with the exercise program. It is exciting and memorable.

To celebrate my 6th month road to fitness, in no particular order, here are six reasons (for now)  despite of struggle, why it became exciting and memorable.

  1. I have a better fitness support. Curves professional coaches are helping me achieve my fitness goals. As they say, only a woman can best understand the problems faced by another woman, whether it is physical or emotional. Curves provides the best support group you can imagine. Without them, my fitness goals are that much harder to achieve. Curves is all about strengthening women inside and out.
Taken last March 2, 2018 with Curves Century City Mall Makati coaches.

2. Curves has thousands of clubs across the world. They always remind me to stay in shape while travelling. My exercise needs to become my constant.  Members on a 12 month contract can enjoy access to any Club around the world.

3. They check in regularly with clients through SMS. On a weekly basis, I receive a reminder to workout or perform other regular classes.

Curves Zumba. Photo taken during International Women’s Day – March 8, 2018.
Boxing by Curves. Taken last February 21, 2018.

4. Curves gym is comfortable and appropriate. Curves provides the ideal space for workouts, without the disturbance of working out around men. I can do my workouts more comfortably without being self-conscious, and give exercising my all.

with my BFFFs ( Best Fit Friends Forever) . Taken April 4, 2018

5. Intimate Community. Fewer members will also mean there is no time spent waiting for the use of exercise equipment,  I tend to be more intimate with other members and form a closer relationship with the trainer/s.

6.  30- minute full body workout.  That is the best part, I get fit and gain strength with their 30-minute full body workout. Do I need to say more?

My Curves workout becomes a habit and I stick to it, something magical happened after three months. I lost a few pounds and my BMI went down too.

Progress check taken last April 30. That was my reaction when Coach Bea of Curves Century City Mall Makati said we are almost hitting our fitness goal.

The best way to lose weight? I am no expert to say this but based on my personal experience, simple but challenging  – just don’t eat so much. I stopped super sizing, I drink water only. There was no adjustment on the latter because I am not a fan of drinking or ordering pop. I prefer to think of diet as the way that I eat and not just a caloric restriction for weight loss. Of course, couple it with regular exercise. Thanks to my CURVES family!

I would like to take a baby steps and make a few changes at a time, and concentrate on sticking with them. For now, I’m happy with how my body keeps surprising me with new skills I unlock along the way. I am Curves Strong!

Have the power to amaze yourself.  Stay healthy and happy everyone!




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