Meet Heidi

HEIDI UY, born October 4, is the Founder of HU Studio (Image/Branding/Digital Marketing Consulting, Fashion Design & Workshop), an Educator and a Blog Author. An avid foodie at heart, she took a Food Service Management course before finishing a degree in Business Management at the College of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of continuous education, she pursued several other interests, such as journalism; modelling; and, acting later on.

Uy has always had a keen eye for art, beauty and fashion. To further enhance her innate passion and gift for fashion, she took up a course in Fashion Designing. She is also a TV/Print Personality. She shares some endorsements like Flanax, Philamlife Insurance, Nido, Touch Mobile.

Prior to joining creative world, Heidi is a former Engineering Head in a Petroleum company. She was once a Corporate Admin Engineering Head in a construction firm. She held the position of Administrative Services Manager in a multinational BPO company and a Management Trainee to Head the Recruitment Support Department from the largest bank in the Philippines.

Uy is happily married since 2003; and, is a proud mother to an unico hijo.




2 thoughts on “Meet Heidi

  1. shirley ann naval


    nice meeting you on phae’s birthday… she told me this website of yours….. wow im glad i met somebody like you….

    now i know whom to talk to correct my styles.


    1. Heidi Uy

      Hello Shirley!

      Same here. Glad you visited my site and appreciate my styling skills.

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