Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018!

Posted by Heidi Uy



Hello my dear friends!

Do you know that under the Chinese Astrology, Dog is (Rabbit’s) my secret friend? Well then, this cutie deserves a spotlight. 🐶

Here’s a little story about her and my wish for everyone this Chinese New Year.

My good friend Kat, presented Coby with the puppy as a gift during his 7th Birthday. We named her “Happy” following the first character of my name. More so, the theory behind her name is sure-enough that dogs are, by nature, happy creatures. We handed her to my parents the day after she was given to us, knowing that she will feel more taken care of.

She grew up the way we want her to be. When she is with anyone, she is ecstatic….forever Happy!

During the photo op, she listens well to whatever my mom says. I felt the connection and by looking at Happy, I have learned the true nature of dogs is one of unconditional love and joy. Dogs don’t quantify love, they simply love!

May your 2018 Year of the Earth Dog bring good life force and victory luck, creativity, success, opportunities and full of achievements!

恭禧发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai




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