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Posted by Heidi Uy

For none of us lives to himself alone – Romans 14:7

Super Typhoon Goni (locally known as Rolly) made landfall on November 1st and destroyed tens of thousands of homes in the provinces of Catanduanes and Albay in the Bicol Region, in San Narciso, Quezon and Lobo, Batangas in the Southern Tagalog Region.

When devastation strikes, it’s easy to bow your head and wish others well, but it’s just as easy to contribute to the cause of making them well. On November 3, HU Cares was able to send a little help via a money transfer method to some families in the Bicol region who were in need of assistance.

After 10 days, on the night of November 11, the most powerful typhoon ever recorded slammed into the Philippines. Typhoon Vamco, referred to as Ulysses in the Philippines, battered Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon), Central Luzon, particularly the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela and triggered massive flooding in Metro Manila. Not only were homes, farms crushed, but also tens of thousands of people are missing and presumed dead. 

We ask that you keep the people of the Philippines in your prayers during this difficult time and we would like to encourage to send relief (in your own little way) to the recent victims of Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses.

Families affected by the typhoon in the Philippines need your “Helping Hand” now. HU Cares is extending its relief drive to families affected by typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. Inquiries may be addressed and emailed to


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